Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eco-Chic Halloween Decor Part 1: Tomato Trellis Ghosts

Halloween is always one of my favorite times of the year. We love to dress up and decorate our yard.

And this year, thanks to Snickers and SheSpeaks, we get to be part of the SNICKERS Coolest House on the Block members! SNICKERS is providing us with a brand new SNICKERS product (not yet on the market) to pass out-SNICKERS Peanut Butter Squared. Sounds Yummy! I can't wait to hand out these fun treats. We will also receive some things to help decorate our yard such as a fog machine and a strobe light.

I have decided to go with an environmentally friendly decorating theme this year and would like to tell you all how to make them. The first item is:

Tomato Trellis Ghosts
You will need: 
  1. 2 Tomato Trellises
  2. 1 White Sheet 
  3. Black Permanent Marker
  4. White Twist Ties (Trash Bag Ties, string, etc.)
  5. White Christmas Lights (Optional)
This craft is easy to make. Just set up your tomato trellises and decide where you want to draw the faces. Mark them on the sheet. Then spread the sheet on the ground and let the kids color in the shapes. Place sheet back on tomato trellises and attach it with twist ties, string etc. by poking small holes in the sheet and threading the twist ties through it. (This is a very important step if you live somewhere windy like I do!) You may also add lights to it to add that extra special glow at night.

Next Craft: Milk Jug Skeleton


bookworm kris said...

That is so cool! We're doing this project as well and we're super pumped!

Emily said...

Yes, it is a great program! That is so fun that you get to do this too!

Is anyone else participating? Let me know!