Tuesday, October 19, 2010

McDonald's Coupon Booklets $2

Get a McDonald's Halloween Treat Pack coupon booklet while you can! They are $2 each and contain 12 coupons. ($12 Value) (You can use 1 per visit per person.) 

According to my local McD's, there is NO LIMIT on how many you can buy. The coupons don't expire 'til 12-31-2010. The packs contain the following coupons:
  • 3 FREE Apple Dippers
  • 3 FREE Small Cones
  • 3 FREE Small Apple Juices or Milk Jugs
  • 3 FREE Hamburgers
These coupons are NOT available at all McDonald's so call ahead before you make the trip. In the Wichita area, they are available at Central & Tyler. They are NOT available at Ridge & 21st. If you know of any other location's status let me know and I'll post it!

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danelleu said...

Wendy's has a similar deal for their Jr. Frosty. 5 Junior Frosty coupons for $1.