Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rewards Gold: 26 Weeks Free Print Subscription to Wall Street Journal and/or 1 Year Subscription to Newsweek

Rewards Gold This is my favorite site for getting free magazines. I also like the fact that it is actually a free subscription. You do not have to give them any credit card information and there is nothing to cancel!

To begin, you do have to fill out a request form to join Rewards Gold. Once you've been accepted, they will send you emails with different magazines. When you find a magazine that you'd like to receive you'll just fill out a short survey and they'll send it. The more surveys/magazines you fill out, the more offers they'll send you!

GREEN TIP: When you are done with your magazines you can donate them to your local shelters, schools, gym or doctor's office. You can also use them to make collages, paper beads or other art projects. 

The newest offer is for 26 weeks of WSJ in print. Just click on the link below.  (And yes, I do realize that this offer is not technically for a magazine. ;-) )

Newsweek (1 year subscription)

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