Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wichita Area Val Pak: Free Men's Hair Cut

You know those Valpak packets of coupons that come in the mail once a month? The ones that many people just toss in the trash? Well, they often have great offers on restaurants, dry cleaning, etc. In the Wichita area this month they include an offer for a FREE Men's or Boys' Haircut at SportClips Haircuts! (This offer is good for first time clients only. Valid ID required.) What a great way to try out a new place. Many places offer discounted haircuts, but I've never heard of a place offering FREE haircuts. So don't throw away the Valpaks before you have checked to see what kind of great coupons are in them!

*You can also go to the Valpak website and enter in your zip code to print coupons for other offers in your area.

**This may not be in everyone's Valpaks. They may only be in the zip codes where SportsClips are located. I don't know how they distribute their information.

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