Monday, November 9, 2009

2 Free Personalized Luggage Tags Offer Still Available

Upload your own photo or use one of KLM's stock photos to design 2 Free luggage tags! The other great part is that if you want to send them as a gift, they have a place to put in a different shipping address so you can send them directly to the person.

I just got mine in the mail and they are so cute! I just wanted to remind you that this offer is still available. I also had them sent to my parents, grandparents and sister and they all love them. It's a great way to send a little surprise to someone you love. On mine, I put a photo of my youngest daughter. I'm going to use them as tags on her diaper bag and lunch box when she goes to her Mom's Day Out Group.

Note: To make more than one set, you will have to restart your computer and you can only make one per household. Therefore, if you make extra sets they must be in the name and mailing address of your friends or relatives.

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