Friday, November 7, 2008

Too Many School Papers

My house is flooded weekly with graded school papers. I usually save them for a semester, just in case a grade needs verified. Then there is a huge stack of "trash". Due to running out of computer paper and wanting to print coupons and ecoupon shopping lists, I have a recycling opportunity. All of the pages that have blank backsides, which my kids haven't already used for coloring pages, will now go into my printer. My latest coupons now have pieces of the kids school work on the back and I feel better about reducing my carbon footprint. Oh the little joys!

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Frantic Home Cook said...

Absolutely agree on all the papers. Such a waste when a bunch of duplicate copies (newsletters, calendars, extracurricular notices, etc.) for *both* kids in the same school. I'm trying to recycle them too but the amount of paper they bring home each day is often overwhelming.