Thursday, October 13, 2011

Free Blockbuster Express Movie Codes

There are several free Blockbuster Express codes available. Each code may be used once per credit card. These codes may also be entered online to reserve your movie before you go to pick it up. The codes are good for free DVD rentals or $1 off Blu-ray rentals for 1 night.

These codes expire Oct. 17:
  • 26BPSP2
  • 63JBHG6
  • 33KJRD7
  • 94JRTW2
  • 37WHZS4
  • 37ABDP5
  • 75DWTM8
  • 26SLRH6
  • 37KRFT6
  • 36MAYB5
  • 8650BW9
  • 73NCCC5
This code expires Oct. 31:
  • DAMON (Use this code on ANY Matt Damon movie rental)
**I have not personally tried any of these yet, so let me know if any are no longer working.

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