Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Get 10 FREE Cellphone Postcards!

Get 10 FREE Cellphone Postcards  from Cellphone Postcards! (Message and date rates may apply. Check with your cell phone provider if you are unsure of your plan.) It is so easy to do. Sign up is free and no credit card is required! Once you sign up, and start an address book, you can send postcards directly from your cell phone. Don't have an Smartphone or Apps? No problem! You can send postcards from your regular phone or you can log in to the website, Cellphone Postcards and upload photos directly from your computer. The trial will automatically expire after you have sent your 10th postcard. After that, postcards are only $.99 each!
Thanks to BzzAgent and Cellphone Postcards, I got to be one of the first people to try this new program. I also received 10 free postcards. (I did not receive any other compensation. These opinions are my own.) I really liked the ease of use of this program. It is so simple to use and yet the recipients get a nice surprise in the mail. I tried both methods: sending a photo via phone and via website upload. Both methods were equally easy to use. The only downfall seems to be that if your cell phone does not take high resolution photos, like mine, the postcard pic will turn out a little blurry. When I used a higher quality photo downloaded from my computer, the postcards looked great!  Maybe when I get my new phone, which has a 8mp camera, I'll get better quality photos!

In addition, Cellphone Postcards has a Rewards Program. When you refer a friend, you will receive 10 free postcards when they make their first purchase!

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