Friday, December 10, 2010

Donate 1 Day of Clean Water for FREE (Enter Daily)

 Help P&G reach their goal of donating 100,000 days of clean drinking water by the end of 2010 by entering your email address above. You can enter your email address once a day until the end of the year! P&G is providing a day of clean drinking water (2L) to a person in a developing country through P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program ( for every click on the “Click to Donate Water” button and click on the “share” buttons in the GIVE HEALTH widget. You will be sent a confirmation email that you need to click on in order for your email to count towards the goal. You can only donate once per email. 

I love all of these ways to donate for free and I'm glad to be involved with this program! In addition, if 1,000 people click on the link above to donate clean drinking water, I will get a $50 gift card from P&G as a thank you for getting the word out about the program. They will also mention my blog on Twitter and Facebook.

How to Donate:
  1. Enter your email above and click the "Click to Donate Water" button. Don't forget to check your email inbox to confirm the email confirmation.
  2. Share on your social networks (ie. Facebook & Twitter) and P&G will donate even more water.
  3. Click on green arrow (It'll appear after you do step #1) to have coupons from P&G brandsampler sent to you.
 **I did not receive anything for posting this blog. I may receive a $50 gift card if enough people respond. But I will be happy if I can help in any small way to donate water to those in need. I just love these free ways to donate!

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