Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dr. Oz Giveaways: Start Tuesday at 2PM CT

The Dr. Oz show is offering a variety of giveaways starting Tuesday at 2:00 pm CT (3pm ET, 1pm MT, Noon PT) to the first 12,600 to register at these various sites. Fortunately all of the giveaways are at different sites, but they all still may have technical problems due to high traffic.   Remember that this is a giveaway that many will enter and few will win. 

Freebies 4 Mom TIP: Pick one or two giveaways that you want the most and keep reloading the page starting a few minutes before it starts until the form appears.

$50 Target Gift Card (5,000 winners)
Schiff MegaRed (5,000 winners, $29.99 value)
Skechers Shape-Ups Shoes (800 winners, $110 value)
Good luck and tell me what you win!

Thanks goes to ChiTown Cheapskate and Mom’s Fun Money and Freebies 4 Mom!

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