Friday, October 29, 2010

Enter to Win Toaster Strudels for a Month

You could win Toaster Strudel's every day for a month! Just go HERE to enter. There are over 2,000 winners a week and you can play every day to see if you are a winner. Sweeps ends Feb. 7, 2011.

My kids would love it if I won this sweeps. Let me know if you win!

Are you new to Sweeps? Read this:

If you are new to instant win games and sweeps, here is my take on them. I don't enter them very often and I only enter ones that have a high number of winners. I have also found that your odds of winning are greater if you enter early in the morning or late at night. When traffic volume is typically lower. 

The way these games are set up, is that they specify a certain time for a winner. Ex. 11:05 pm. The person who happens to play the game right at that time or who is the first person to play the contest once the time expires, is the winner. That is why it increases your chances of winning when the traffic volume is lower. 

Like I mentioned, I only enter sweeps about every other month, (because I'm lazy!) but even so, I have won several things this year including:  a Leapster 2, 24 packages of Milano cookies, and a $10 Subway gift card.

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