Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pop Tarts: Flavor Card Point Program

If you are a member of Pop-Tarts Sprinklings, then you may have already heard about Pop-Tarts new Flavor Card Program. If not, this sounds like a fun program to join.

How it works: Collect five different flavor codes (on specially marked boxes of Pop-Tarts). Then enter them online and choose your reward. There are many rewards to choose from, such as,
movie tickets, music downloads, free Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries and more.

If you are already a member of the Sprinklings program, make sure you check your email for a free, unique to you, bonus code! You only need 5 codes to redeem them for great prizes!


Anonymous said...

Post your unused codes here and trade. Hopefully we can get all 25.
Free Cinnamon Roll Codes:

Anonymous said...

rasberry- JCMF-4ZWX-5CYT-951H

Anonymous said...

Frosted Blueberry: CPT3-1VJF-ZZKT-GN9M

Frosted Cherry: WZRK-HMC5-BCRG-LM4V