Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Free Johnson's Buddies Soap!

Redplum currently has a coupon for $1 off any Johnson's Baby product. As many of you already know, that means FREE Buddies Soap! This soap is the greatest thing ever invented for little hands! They can't pump half of it down the drain like the liquid soap and they can't see how fast it melts like the regular bar soap. Well, I guess they could, but my kids don't. Besides, it has that great grippy outside which keep it from slipping out of their little paws and helps to scrub the dirt off, since we all know how "thoroughly" they truly wash their hands. Ahem.

You can usually find this soap at Wal-mart, Target or Dillon's. Curiously, the only place I can currently find this soap in my hometown, Wichita, is at Dillon's where it is priced at $.99 making it FREE! Did I mention that I LOVE THIS SOAP!

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