Saturday, December 19, 2009

Facebook: $3 Off Rayovac Coupon

Become a Facebook Fan of Rayovac. Then click on the coupon tab where you'll be able to enter your email address. They'll send a $3 off coupon to your inbox within 24 hours.

You can also get a $1 off coupon by going HERE and entering code: 74016761. This will take you to a PDF form where you can print the coupon. You can use this coupon to get FREE coupons at Walmart and Target.


Anonymous said...

Do the $1 off coupons make the rayovac batteries free at Walmart??

Emily said...

Yes, Walmart and Target both have Rayovacs for $1, making them free with the coupon. At my local Walmart, they have a "battery kiosk/section" right by the books at the front of the store.

Emily said...

yes, Walmart has Rayovacs for $1, so you can get them for free at Walmart as well as Target.