Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Know Your Consumer Rights

Has this ever happened to you? You buy a package of diapers and the tabs all fall off? You get so frustrated that you decide to just use tape instead of making the trip to the store to return them. This happens to all of us whether it's diapers or you buy sour cream that is moldy even though it doesn't technically expire for another week.

Instead of just throwing the product away and taking the loss, you should contact the company. Sometimes it's not feasible to actually make the drive back to the store where you purchased it, but you can go to the brand's website and send a letter of complaint. Recently, I purchased two packages of Luvs diapers. Both of which were defective. I decided to just tape them and then not buy Luvs diapers any more. Then, I decided I should write the company a letter. Much to my delight, they responded quickly and sent me 2 $5 off jumbo pack coupons and 1 $10 off a box of Luvs. Needless to say, this made me feel much better about the company. I've since purchased several packages and haven't had any more problems!

So it goes without saying, stand up for your rights as a consumer. The companies like to hear what you have to say about their products whether it's good or bad. That's one of the main ways they know how their product is doing in the market. There are some companies that will even send you free products or coupons if you tell them how much you like their products. I personally have not tried this due to time constraints, but I know other bloggers who have had great success with it. I'll try to get you a list of companies that send out coupons and freebies for comments and list them for you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Live Large 4 Less,I'm a mom as well.I also happen to work for Luvs. I came across your post, and was sorry to hear you got a bad bag of diapers. However, I was so pleased to hear we compensated you, and you were happy with our customer service. Thanks so much for sharing your story and using our diapers!Alison