Friday, October 23, 2009


I've just started using as my search engine and I'm quickly earning points good to redeem for gift cards! When I get to 45 points then I redeem those points for a $5 gift card. There are other gift cards and prizes available, but the gift card is the biggest bang for your buck. It "costs" you just 9 points per dollar. Another great thing about is that you can load as many gift cards as you earn to your account. I'm hoping to get enough $5 Amazon gift cards that I can do a lot of my Christmas shopping online this year. That'll be great if I can avoid the hustle and bustle of the stores, especially with the new baby coming!

The best part is that I'm earning those gift cards by doing normal searching, I just do it on Swagbucks instead. And the search results I'm getting are similar to what I would get on Google, in fact the search results are by Google and Ask. And I win often enough that I feel rewarded by searching, and am having fun watching my points add up! I'd love to refer you to sign-up and start using It's easy to sign-up with just your email address and password.

Bonus: If you sign up today through this link you'll receive 3 bonus Swagbucks to get you started!

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amy said...

i use swagbucks as my "address bar". say i want to go to i type it in swagbucks and then go to facebook from the search results. it's an easy way to earn points.