Monday, March 2, 2009

Mall Freebies and Almost Freebies

I don't normally shop the mall, especially with today's economy. I try to avoid it like the plague. It's just too tempting to shop and shop some more. However, I found some FREE offers that are too good to pass up!

  1. Free Pink Nation Tote. Sign up at Victoria's Secret Pink Nation and get a coupon in your inbox for a FREE GIFT! The gift at my VS store was a nice oversized tote bag. Some people have said they received other PINK products at their stores, such as sweats or hoodies. I think the majority of stores are giving out the totes. There is also a coupon that prints out for $10 off a $35 purchase. Also, if you purchase anything at the store, you'll receive a gift card worth at least $10 off any purchase, up to $500 off that is redeemable starting April 7. You won't know what your gift card is 'til you go to redeem it in April. I can't wait to see how much mine is worth!
  2. Free Aeropostale Tank. This freebie started yesterday, but many stores don't have them yet. There was a hold up in the delivery due to the weather, so make sure and call your local store first. Anyway, to get this offer, bring in the April 2009 copy of Seventeen magazine and show them the page that lists the offer or go to the Seventeen homepage and print it off along with the sweepstake rules (just in case) and take that into the store.
  3. Buy 1 Get 1 Free 20oz. Orange Julius Fruit Smoothie. To get this coupon, simply sign up for the Orange Julius Club and they'll send the coupon to you in an email.
  4. Free Arby's Roastburger with any drink purchase. Use this coupon.
(By the way, I used all of these coupons yesterday and had a great mall freebie day! I was able to get everything but the Aeropostale tank, which they didn't have in yet :( Maybe you'll have better luck. Let me know how your "free" day at the mall goes!)

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