Monday, September 29, 2008

She Speaks

Today is my first blog. I am so excited! I have so much to share with you. I'd like to start today by talking about She Speaks. She Speaks is "a network of women who have an opportunity to test products and influence them." To get started, you will fill out a quick survey about your likes and dislikes. Then they will match you up with products . Once you have been matched up with a product, they will send you an email and ask you to take another survey. Once you've been invited to do the survey, they will send you the product in the mail! It is yours to keep! All they ask in return is that you return to the She Speaks website after you've tried the product and fill out a survey and join in the discussion boards.

I have only been a member of She Speaks for 2 months and I've already got to try 2 products! The first one was Nic's Sticks, which is a nail polish that comes in a pen. My girls love this product. They can put it on themselves without making a mess. It also came with eight $1 off coupons for me to hand out. The second "product" was from the Food Network. They asked me to watch a new 30 minute show, Ask Aida, online and then comment on it. For my time and effort, I received a Food Network game in the mail! I really enjoy this site. It is so much fun and you get to keep the products. To sign up go here.

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